Author: 0 Barack Obama on Donald Trump: "He's Nothing But a Bullsh-ter".

That's one of the things I would say, you know... On top of the birtherism, Trump also routinely hurled insults at Obama on Twitter prior to winning the presidency, frequently calling him "stupid," "arrogant", and "an incompetent fool".

Author: 0 Lawmakers demand swift action for Turkish Embassy violence

The decision is meant to accelerate the operation to recapture the key Islamic State group stronghold of Raqqa. In a statement, the Turkish Embassy blamed the violence on the demonstrators, saying they were "aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the President".

Global Ex-Liverpool striker Kuyt announces retirement
Author: 0 Ex-Liverpool striker Kuyt announces retirement

Kuyt, 36, rounded off his career in fantastic fashion, scoring a hat-trick in a 3-1 over Heracles to pip Ajax to the Eredivisie title in the final fixture of Holland's top flight. After winning the title last week Kuyt's comments were praised by many saying it highlighted the Dutch man's great attitude towards the game. His only trophy with Liverpool came in 2012 when Kenny Dalglish's side won the League Cup.

Global Syrian Democratic Forces close in on ISIL in Raqqa
Author: 0 Syrian Democratic Forces close in on ISIL in Raqqa

Trump has gone out of his way to foster a good relationship with Erdogan. They are not happy with the present situation either. Fed up with what he saw as the Obama administration's wishy-washy Syria policy, its unwise alliance with Kurdish "terrorists" and its failure to understand the need for some of his authoritarian policies, Erdogan envisioned a new dawn in U.S.

Global Over US$1.4 Billion Needed for South Sudan Refugees in 2017
Author: 0 Over US$1.4 Billion Needed for South Sudan Refugees in 2017

The UNHCR refugee agency and the WFP presented an updated response plan to the crisis in appealing for almost double the $781 million they had previously said they needed. "Weapons continue to flow into South Sudan from diverse sources, often with the coordination of neighboring countries", said the report by a panel of experts.

Author: 0 Pope nixes Medjugorje visions but says shrine has benefits

The apparitions continued once a month until October 13, 1917, and later were declared worthy of belief by the Catholic Church. The canonisation of Jacinta and Francisco Marto was the high point of the celebrations of the centenary of the apparitions in Cova da Iria and took place at the start of Mass that the Pope celebrated at an alter in the shrine.

Author: 0 Triple talaq is worst form of marriage dissolution, says India's top court

The hearing holds importance as the Allahabad High Court in its verdict pronounced in the last week of April, had held the practice of triple talaq as unilateral and bad in law. The bench was then informed that countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia do not allow triple talaq as a form to dissolve marriages.

Author: 0 Turkish Prez Recep Tayyip Erdogan to meet Trump on May 16

They up-armor the vehicles with steel plating so that small arms can not stop them. or they use US-made armored vehicles looted in 2014-15 from the storehouses of the then-defeated Iraqi army at Mosul. But this is not about money for us; we will continue with our end of the agreement". If there's any improvement in U.S. The Kurds of Afrin are also locked in a struggle with the Sunni Arab fundamentalists and so have a tacit alliance with Assad (though they are at odds with Damascus in some ...

Author: 0 Kurdish-led forces say they will advance on IS capital

Felat spoke at a press conference in Tabqa, which the SDF captured from IS on Wednesday along with its nearby dam. The SDF have also captured a major airbase near Tabqa, some 50 km (30 miles) west of Raqqa, in the latest phase of their operation against IS.

Global Kremlin sees no risk in intercepting U.S. planes
Author: 0 Kremlin sees no risk in intercepting U.S. planes

News reported that the Su-27 approached the P-8A when it was "conducting routine operations in global airspace", said Capt. Pamela Kunze, a spokeswoman for U.S. Army unloaded dozens of tanks and hundreds of soldiers in a nearby Romanian port along the Black Sea. United States officials treated the incident as routine as well, describing it as " unproblematic " and saying that around 60 incidents have occurred since 2007.

Global Arkansas Expands Gun-Carry Rights in Public Establishments
Author: 0 Arkansas Expands Gun-Carry Rights in Public Establishments

The law goes into effect Sep. This raised the possibility that fans would be able to bring guns into college football and basketball games at the University of Arkansas. "A bad guy could get a gun into Razorback Stadium now", Hutchinson said. "Sometimes people have a little bit to drink before they go to the game", he said.

Global Sanders: 'I'm Going to Introduce a Medicare-for-All, Single-Payer Program'
Author: 0 Sanders: 'I'm Going to Introduce a Medicare-for-All, Single-Payer Program'

The Religious Action Center, the Reform movement's policy wing, called for expanding health care coverage in response to the news. Sanders reiterated his plan on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday, telling anchor Dana Bash: "Ideally, where we should be going is to join the rest of the industrialized the world and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right".

Author: 0 Paris Orly Airport Attacker Said he Wanted 'to Die for Allah'

An airport CCTV screen images shows a man on the ground inside Orly Sud terminal following a shooting incident at Orly Airport near Paris, France March 18, 2017. Belgacem then threatened people in a bar before stealing a auto at gunpoint and driving to the airport. "Given the violence that is shown in the (CCTV) pictures.

Author: 0 Trump Administration Approves Construction of Keystone XL Pipeline

Gulf Coast refineries, was rejected by the Obama administration past year after a decade of protest by climate activists, land owners and Native Americans. refineries" and strongly urged the individual states involved to approve the pipeline. "This fight is not over, it is just beginning". The company already has acquired the steel, much of it from Canada and Mexico, and the White House has acknowledged it's too hard to impose conditions on a pipeline already under construction.

Author: 0 France's Le Pen Calls For Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Sharing With Moscow

France is paying a great price because of terrorism. Le Pen has countered by saying that "if any English or American bank would offer money I would gladly accept it". Deputy director of the Institute of Political Studies, Daria Grevtsova , in turn, noted that Marin Le Pen has a good chance of winning the elections.

Global German-born terror suspects face deportation
Author: 0 German-born terror suspects face deportation

It would be the first time German-born terror suspects are deported from Germany , following a series of cases against foreign citizens including asylum seekers who have arrived since the start of the refugee crisis. Germany, like many European states, subscribes to the idea of " jus sanguinis ", where citizenship is determined by the nationalities of one or both parents but not by one's place of birth .

Author: 0 Multiple People Injured in Attack Near British Parliament

A vehicle slams into a group of pedestrians in a Western city and the terrorist driving the auto then uses a knife to inflict further damage and is soon shot by police. People being held in the House of Commons due to the incident are thought to have been allowed to leave at around 5pm. Minutes after the incident an emergency helicopter landed in Parliament Square as sirens were heard ouside.

Author: 0 Celebrities React to Suspected 'Terrorist Incident' in London

The incident occurred at around a quarter to three, London time (9:45 A.M. Eastern Standard Time). It appears that he deliberately drove into pedestrians and policemen who were using the bridge at the time. The police have obviously got to keep everybody safe and I commend them for what they are doing. "Here, it's a really stupid place to do it", Osmond said.

Global Google Maps adds real-time location sharing
Author: 0 Google Maps adds real-time location sharing

Tap "Share" and your location dot appears on the other person's map. As a reminder that you're sharing your location, there will be a little icon located above the compass on your map. Coordinating meetings on the fly is much easier when everyone knows where everyone else is. You can also add notes like what floor, which entrance is nearest to your auto, etc.

Global Norway overtakes Denmark at the top of United Nations happiness scale
Author: 0 Norway overtakes Denmark at the top of United Nations happiness scale

Each year, researchers survey 1,000 people in each country. However, Maldives did not figure in the World Happiness Report . Studying happiness may seem frivolous, but serious academics have always been calling for more testing about people's emotional well-being, especially in the United States.

Global North Korea rocket-engine test shows 'meaningful' progress: South Korea
Author: 0 North Korea rocket-engine test shows 'meaningful' progress: South Korea

This means the Trump administration actually has room to explore options short of military action and the apparent red line of "It won't happen!" Joseph Yun, US special representative for North Korea policy, arrived in Seoul later in the day after visiting Beijing over the weekend to meet with his Chinese counterpart Wu Dawei.

Author: 0 Trump's Supreme Court pick faces Democratic grilling

Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, has indicated that Gorsuch's confirmation hearing will start Monday and take three to four days. Gorsuch, a 49-year-old Colorado native and judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, was nominated by President Trump to the nation's highest court.

Global GOP health care bill hurts poor
Author: 0 GOP health care bill hurts poor

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the American Health Care Act shows there will be winners and losers under the plan financially. This would be a shift from the current Medicaid program, where the federal government matches state Medicaid spending on a percentage basis. First, by replacing insurance subsidies in current law that are based on income and premium levels with a less-generous tax credit, the bill would hurt people of low and moderate income.

Global GOP rep splits with Trump on Meals on Wheels
Author: 0 GOP rep splits with Trump on Meals on Wheels

The alternative to that is - if these people have to leave their home and go into assisted living, if they're low income, taxpayers pick up that tab, that's $35,000 to $40,000 a year. Those in charge of Pasco's program say they've had to handle threats to the budget before. In his statement that accompanied the budget, called "America First", Trump said: "To keep Americans safe, we have made the tough choices that have been put off for too long".

Global Tillerson defends cuts to State Department budget
Author: 0 Tillerson defends cuts to State Department budget

At a press conference held after the ministerial meeting, Kishida said the two sides agreed to make their respective policies toward North Korea congruous, but did not refer to the details of what was explained by Tillerson about the US review.

Author: 0 Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Trump Now Exceeds 2.3 Million

If the threshold is not met, the decision goes to the House of Representatives. On the Monday following the second Wednesday of December (as established in federal law) each state's electors meet in their respective state's and cast their electoral votes.

Global Largest supermoon since 1948 set to light up skies tonight
Author: 0 Largest supermoon since 1948 set to light up skies tonight

To observers, the differences between a supermoon and a normal full moon are quite subtle. If Royal Observatory Greenwich public astronomer Dr. Marek Kukula were to be asked: "It's been an overcast night for the majority of the United Kingdom and even a supermoon can't traverse thick mists".

Author: 0 Durham County denies request to recount 94000 votes

Board spokesman Patrick Gannon confirmed Tuesday the investigation of the Bladen County ballots is continuing. Some will do just that, but many others will need an extension into next week to finalize vote counts. "There's additional cases of voter fraud being discovered each day". The State Board of Elections now says unofficial statewide results show Cooper with 6,318 more votes than McCrory.

Global Electoral College voter backs off threat of voting for Clinton
Author: 0 Electoral College voter backs off threat of voting for Clinton

It is part of the constitution, written when communication was by pony express . The Electoral College is a core component of that republic; without it, America would be a step closer to no longer being one . Bush lost the popular vote to Democrat Al Gore by 547,398. But there have been only 157 so-called "faithless electors" in USA history who have gone against the wishes of their state's voters, according to the nonprofit FairVote .

Global Creepy Clown Sightings Make Way To Chico
Author: 0 Creepy Clown Sightings Make Way To Chico

The hysteria spread further this week with officials in California and OR forced to respond to numerous clown sightings - largely considered to be hoaxes - and social media threats against schools, also considered to be pranks. Since August, people in upstate NY and in states including South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Georgia have reported scary or suspicious incidents involving people dressed as clowns.

Global Media should cover third-party presidential candidates
Author: 0 Media should cover third-party presidential candidates

She would "turn the White House into a Green House", launching an emergency jobs program to deal with climate problems, so as to deal with "two emergencies at once". Clinton's challenge among minority millennials is less one of winning them over from Johnson and Stein, and more one of generating a sufficient sense of urgency to get them to the polls in greater numbers.

Global Michelle Obama appears in Hillary Clinton's TV commercial
Author: 0 Michelle Obama appears in Hillary Clinton's TV commercial

In an interview on the " Steve Harvey Morning Show " that aired Wednesday, Obama warned against complacency. "Someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone on their team". A final spot shows President Obama yelling "shame on her " at Clinton. Trump had been criticized earlier in the campaign for describing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as obsolete and questioning the USA commitment to the alliance.

Global Census minister's website goes down
Author: 0 Census minister's website goes down

The Australian Privacy Commissioner has also opened an investigation into the ABS and its handling of the attack. This assumption caused a mild, online panic from users about whether they would be slugged a $180 fine per day for not being able to meet the Census deadline on time.

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