Julian Assange's arrest set to trigger heated debate


Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno said Assange's asylum arrangement with the country was ultimately revoked because of "repeated violations to worldwide conventions and daily-life protocols" as well as his "discourteous and aggressive behaviour".

Other Republicans appear less satisfied with Trump's position on the drama over Assange, who faces extradition to the United States.

What the government and its cheerleaders are really asking here is for us to suspend fundamental principles and practices underlying free speech and a free press.

But will it? But by going out of its way to charge him only under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the US government seems to indicate it did not want to set a risky precedent.

For one woman who said she had a case against Assange in Sweden, the news that he might eventually be extradited to the United States brought mixed feelings.

The American charges that Assange faces relate to WikiLeaks' publication of documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, using files leaked by Chelsea Manning. The hacker was also hiding in the embassy trying to wait out rape charges against him in Sweden.

The man who was arrested has reportedly lived in Ecuador for several years and has visited the country's London embassy where Assange was staying.

Assange and his supporters say he's a journalist who deserves legal protections for publishing stolen material.

The Assange prosecution "would be unprecedented and unconstitutional and would open the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations", the ACLU's Ben Wizner tells Sullivan.

Ricardo Patiño, Ecuador's former chancellor under the Correa regime, was an Assange defender, and Romo claimed a WikiLeaks staffer "works closely and has traveled with Ricardo Patiño to Peru, Spain, and Russian Federation". In line with standard operating procedure in Swedish courtrooms, he was not formally charged. The warrant has since been dropped, but Assange is now in police custody in London for skipping bail.

Yes. Swedish prosecutors have said the case could be reopened before the statute of limitations for the rape claim ends in August 2020.

Correa told CNN Thursday that the decision by his successor to revoke Assange's asylum status was "the biggest betrayal perhaps in Latin American history".

US prosecutors say Assange was part of a criminal conspiracy to hack and steal information harmful to the United States. After Assange's arrest on Thursday, the prosecution's deputy director, Eva-Marie Persson, was tapped to look into a request from a lawyer for one of the accusers to find out whether the case can be reopened. Assange ultimately requested more information related to the password, telling Manning that while he had tried to crack it, he "had no luck so far".