Duke investigating Michael Avenatti’s claims Zion Williamson’s mom was paid by Nike


Duke responded to this by saying the university is looking into the claims raised by Avenatti.

Nike issued a statement stating it won't respond to allegations from celebrity lawyer, Michael Avenatti, that the company paid more than $170,000 to incentivize elite basketball players to attend Nike-sponsored colleges. If I'm lying about what Nike has done, why don't they deny the bribery?

The post comes a day after Avenatti threatened to release more evidence related to the scandal.

"Full confidentiality relating to the payment that was made, but that ignores all the other context and all the other communications that took place before then, during which we made it clear that we would never--and I want to be really clear about this--we would never agree to anything that would obstruct justice or keep this information out of the hands of governmental investigators..."

On Saturday, Avenatti also posted a link to documents that spell out what he said were payments to people tied to Ayton, Bol and McCoy.

Did Nike route payments via Franklin? . Redacted bank statements, invoices and text messages appear among the submitted documents.

According to Avenatti, who has been charged with attempting to extort Nike for more than $150,000, the company paid Williamson's mother in order to steer the potential No. 1 National Basketball Association draft pick towards attending Duke.

"Nike should be criminally indicted on well over 200 counts and should also explain why they misled their investors/the SEC", Avenatti wrote.

Wilfred Frost asked, "Why didn't you just submit your 42 pages to the government, who are carrying out an investigation, which Nike now are talking to the government about, instead of making it all public?"

Nike released a statement on Saturday responding to the latest allegations and document dump from Michael Avenatti, a lawyer best known for representing Stormy Daniels that is now facing charges stemming from the attempted extortion of Nike.

"To be honest, I have no comment on that", Ayton told the Arizona Republic on March 27 after Avenatti first mentioned him in connection with Nike.

According to ESPN, Duke athletic director Kevin White said the school is "looking into" the claim. "Every student athlete at Duke is reviewed to ensure their eligibility". "Duke is fully committed to compliance with all NCAA rules and regulations".

Williamson, the projected top overall pick in June's NBA Draft, is expected to receive potential record-breaking offers for his services from sneaker companies this summer.

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