Pres. Trump met with support during visit to border town Calexico, Calif.


Congress previous year approved US$641 million for 33 to 37 miles of new fencing in Texas, and work on it began in mid-February. Eight prototypes went up, and Trump travelled to the border to inspect them a year ago.

The Trump administration on Friday abruptly retracted the nomination of Ronald Vitiello to lead U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The filing came a day after House leaders voted to authorize a lawsuit against Trump over his national emergency declaration and on the same day when Trump visited California's southern border city of Calexico, 250 km southeast of Los Angeles, and inspected construction works of the border wall there.

"I'm totally willing to close the border", he said, "but Mexico over the last four days they have done more than they have ever done..." Yesterday they apprehended 1,400 people. We can handle it from there.

Al Jazeera's Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

President Trump claimed Friday that "our country is full" as he tried to warn off migrants arriving at the southern border in increasing numbers, and threatened Mexico with automobile tariffs if the country doesn't step up its efforts to curb migration from Central America.

"I see some of our biggest opponents over the last two days have said it really is an emergency, they can't believe what's happening". Homeland Security reportedly canceled the contract with Accenture on Thursday. "There has not been a drastic change".

"At this point, I think the industry is just taking what the President says with a grain of salt". He has since praised the country for doing more.

But on Thursday he shifted his tone, and sought to highlight what he claims is major action being taken by Mexico to stop migrants entering through its own southern border.

The US Canada and Mexico a year ago concluded a revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement that would limit US auto tariffs against Mexico.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told reporters he didn't know what prompted Trump's message. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday credited Mexico with the "will" to help stem migration, but he did not cite results.

Trump also threatened to impose vehicle tariffs if the country didn't step up its apprehension of migrants transiting through the country to the US from Central and South America. Border officials have said they need 722 miles (1,162 km) of new or replacement barriers.

Trump: "The Flores decision is a disaster, I have to tell you". When complaining about the Flores legal settlement that governs treatment of migrant children and families, he blamed "Judge Flores, whoever you may be".

The facts: There's no Judge Flores involved. But the settlement is actually named after Jenny Flores, a 15-year-old girl from El Salvador whose 1985 detention by United States immigration enforcement (then known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service) was the subject of a class-action lawsuit. National emergency powers allow the president to redirect funds Congress has approved for one goal and put them towards the emergency.

The case worked its way to the Supreme Court, which sided with the government and against the girl's advocates.