Xenophobic attacks break out in Durban, SA


The minister of worldwide relations and co-operation, Lindiwe Sisulu, urged the police to act against people targeting foreigners.

Fears of xenophobia-fuelled unrest have gripped the country following threats of massive violence against foreign nationals after the May 8 general elections.

South Africa's foreign minister has called an urgent meeting with ambassadors following attacks against foreigners in Durban.

Several messages are doing the rounds, warning of protests against the employment of foreign nationals in South Africa. This follows attacks that occurred last Monday in Durban Springfield's area. The meeting was held in the wake of xenophobic and criminal attacks against foreign nationals in Sprinfield, Durban.

Unconfirmed social media reports also show a picture of a local bus being torched allegedly in Malawi in retaliation for the attacks on foreigners.

The Zambian government has been vocal against the latest wave of attacks on African immigrants in South Africa.

State House has expressed concern at the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa in which citizens of different African countries have fallen victim. "It's high time people began to see it as it is, not as a way of getting rid of foreigners but rather as denting the image of your country", he said. "We cannot be defined as not wanting to to live side by side with people from other nations". "There are a great many foreign nationals in our country who are here legally, who respect our laws and respect our people".

The country is host to millions of foreign nationals. No one must be allowed to divide Africa.

"You have the department of home affairs that does not take seriously the issue of immigration. We can not have a naive foreign policy that is a free for all".

"There should be unity of all working class people". Any attack that is aimed at foreign-owned businesses smells of xenophobia.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance, which has accused the ruling ANC party of failing to protect the country's borders, on Monday also condemned "these senseless xenophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms".

He added that they joined the struggle, gave us refuge and embraced us and supported our struggle in more ways that we can imagine, both military, resource wise and gave South Africans a number of skills and so forth.