Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing in Orlando


No passengers were aboard the aircraft, which was being ferried to Victorville, Calif., for storage. Aviation authorities across the globe grounded Boeing 737 Max aircraft following the crashes in Ethiopia and off the coast of Indonesia.

The Boeing 737 Max was grounded by USA officials two weeks ago following the second deadly crash involving the series of planes. The Transportation Department is now investigating how the FAA certified the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft and approved the MCAS system.

These procedures are "extensive, well established and have consistently produced safe aircraft designs for decades", the remarks say. More than two-thirds of our fleet is Boeing. The Lion Air pilots, on the other hand, had received little training on the system, and it was only after the plane crashed that Boeing first notified pilots of the system's existence.

A 737 Max 8 operated by the Indonesian carrier Lion Air crashed in October, killing all 189 people on board.

The aviation giant has come under intense scrutiny over the two crashes, in which a total of 346 lives were lost. The system is created to anticipate a stall. MCAS is created to automatically counteract that tendency and point the nose of the plane downward.

This must all be done extremely quickly otherwise attempts to resolve the problem might be too late. Elwell is a former military and airline pilot who had been the No. 2 official at FAA.

There would still be scarcely enough time to diagnose and solve the problem.

The engine issue reported by the pilots appears to be unrelated to the control-software issues that have plagued the 737 Max and that may have contributed to the crashes of both Lion Air Flight JT610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302.

Boeing has in recent days been showing pilots software fixes that would change the way some of the Max jets' automated safety features behave and what information they rely on.

"The question of whether it returns to be the A320neo's equal depends on how they handle this". He says the FAA is still reviewing the aircraft manufacturer's plans for the software update and more pilot training.

The pilot will be able to deduce that MCAS is no longer working in the background because the system will show a warning message labelled "AOA disagree", indicating the two sensors are producing values that differ by an excessive margin.

Boeing has issued changes to controversial control systems linked to two fatal crashes of its 737 Max planes in the last six months.

The FAA is expected to defend its practices, including the delegation of key testing and certification to Boeing in light of tight government budgets, said Scott Hamilton, an aviation expert with Leeham Company. Earlier this month, reports indicated that American Airlines had canceled 90 flights per day through April.

A near-empty Boeing 737 Max has made an emergency landing in the USA state of Florida.

The other major impact from the global grounding is flight cancellations across the USA in particular, with some carriers warning of hundreds of potential flight disruptions in the next month.

Boeing released a statement from CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Tuesday in response to the Ethiopian Airlines crash.