Steam Library Redesign, Events Page Out This Summer


One of the biggest changes with the redesign is your Steam library homepage. Foremost among them are an overhauled game library and an event system that can be used by developers to keep players clued in about what's happening in games they own.

That's not the only change coming to the Steam Library, however; the new UI also shows a friend's list with details on what they're now playing, making it easier to fire up a game and join them.

Valve is redesigning the Steam store's Library page, the company has revealed, as well as introducing a new Events feature. The cool addition here is that you can save a tag search as a "collection" of similar games, like, say, "Ninja Action". Recently played games will now display at the top for ease of access and updates section will clue you in on which of your titles has just received new patches or content. This feature essentially works as a communication platform for game developers and their customers.

Steam is getting a fresh new look for 2019

"We think of this as the way developers will be able to communicate with players through Steam", Valve's Alden Kroll said. Players can also set a reminder for current and future events via external applications or on Steam itself. Basically, it will allow you to see what's "happening" in the games you play.

I could see this being especially useful for smaller multiplayer games that wow people out of the gate with a clever idea, but quickly get lost in Steam's endless churn of clockwork-engineered consumerism and lose large chunks of their player bases.

Lately the Epic Games Store is grabbing a lot of headlines with its steady stream of exclusive game announcements, but Steam certainly isn't resting on its laurels. Is this exactly what the Steam libraries needed or is there more you'd like to see from Valve?