Oculus Rift S Specs, Price, and Release Window Announced at GDC


The Rift S should improve on this.

As the "S" moniker suggests, the new model designed in partnership with Lenovo, is not quite a "Rift 2", but does boast a number improvements to the original model.

I spent some time with the Oculus Rift S playing viking action game Asgard's Wrath as well as the colorful and quirky Vacation Simulator, and the experience was great - if not a bit familiar.

United Kingdom pricing for the Rift S hasn't yet been confirmed, but Oculus VR has set a USA price of $399 (around £304 excluding taxes) ahead of an unspecified Spring 2019 release date. There is also Passthrough+, which is a new feature on the Oculus Rift S that acts as a passthrough to see the outside world and help keep you in the game and maximizes the available space you have. The trade-off here, however, is in refresh rate which drops from 90Hz down to 80Hz, although you do get a slightly larger field of view.

After dropping the Oculus Go previous year, Facebook's Oculus division has finally unveiled Oculus Rift S, the successor to its flagship virtual reality headset, and exclusively for use with PC. This is less than the displays on the rival HTC Vive Pro and HP Reverb headsets.

In fact, the Rift S already does improve on this, in one critical way - no more external cameras. The biggest change is a switch from external tracking stations to the Oculus Insight inside-out tracking originally developed for the Oculus Quest, meaning that there's no longer a need to set up external hardware: The headset, motion-tracking hand controllers, and a suitably beefy PC is all anyone needs to get started.

The wireless standalone device is expected to launch very soon, retailing for £399 Dollars. Notably, the standalone Oculus Quest will retail for the same price, too. Unfortunately, the Rift S doesn't seem to be much of an upgrade in that area, although it would be nice to be able to ditch my sensors and free up some USB ports.

The budget Oculus Go is sticking around for now, though it's being framed as a more basic VR content viewer than a serious gaming device.

Initial reviews of the Rift S are tepid.