F1: 2019 Australian Grand Prix Preview


"I'm confident the auto will be better here [than in testing], but if it's enough, we'll find out". "We have experience, it's no coincidence that we are world champions so we have to be diligent and stay balanced", said Hamilton, who has won twice in Melbourne.

"But as a driver for sure I have to figure out how can I pull more out, which I don't have the current answer for".

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, who is known for naming each of his race cars, revealed that his new vehicle is called "Lina".

He was on target to win at the Russian Grand Prix towards the end of the year, but with Hamilton fighting Sebastian Vettel for the title, Mercedes told him to move over and let his teammate take the lead.

7 - Lewis Hamilton has started from pole position seven times at the AusGP, more often than any other driver in this race (including five in the Hybrid Era).

Ferrari have not topped the standings since 2008, with Kimi Raikkonen the last driver from the Italian manufacturer to win a championship a year earlier. "We've been trying to plan with the team all my sponsor events a bit more in advance so I can plan my calendar a bit more around it, all the details in terms of travel, logistics, hotels, everything to help my wellbeing and performance, same thing with the training we try again to improve from past year".

F1: 2019 Australian Grand Prix Preview

"The name of this year's vehicle, the SF90, is already a celebration of this anniversary and, on top of that (we have) chose to honour this achievement in an even more evident manner in Melbourne", Ferrari said in a statement.

"Vettel and Ferrari are looking to bounce back from a disappointing season past year and the German said they are hoping to 'turn the page".

"I got one last summer, so now it's 11 months old", says Bottas to a small group of written media, having already been dragged away from the puppies after only semi-jokingly asking their handler whether they ship to Europe.

"At this point we are all hunters and we are all the hunted". It matters who improves the most.

He gets his opportunity at Williams, which finished last in the constructors' championship in 2018. F1 has introduced an extra point for the driver who sets the fastest lap of the race, assuming he finishes inside the top 10. A victor now gets 25 points with 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and one for the subsequent places.

The new regulations have changed the front and rear wings, aimed at making it easier for cars to get closer and overtake.