Alabama's Hannah Brown is ABC's next 'Bachelorette


On Tuesday night, Bachelor Nation watched as Colton Underwood won back Cassie Randolph following an intense breakup that included the 27-year-old's attempt to leave the show by jumping over a fence.

But what happened? When the producers caught up with Underwood the next day, he remained coy about what happened between him and Randolph during the Fantasy Suite. Find out on night two of the two-night, live special season finale event.

Find out what ultimately happens when Part 2 of the Bachelor season finale airs Tuesday on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

As for the couple, they're most excited that all the secrecy is over. Who is it? What do we know?

Hannah actually got to meet five of her suitors, Luke, Dustin, Cam, Connor and Luke S. She was most impressed by Cam, who rapped for her, and gave him a rose! (My vote is on the latter, but I may be in the minority.) Anyhow, the Bachelor goes on to reiterate that he doesn't need Cassie to marry him right now, he just wants her to give their relationship a "second chance", and take things "day by day". "We had an wonderful night and we did what was best for our relationship and we grew as a couple".

"This is something I really believe in", she said. Check it out below.

For now, the reality stars are just enjoying living in the same city. "You guys are in for a wild ride". Chris Harrison wasn't wrong in saying the finale is a 1,000 on a scale from 1 to 10.

"I didn't end up with Colton, but I ended up loving myself more", she said.

Shortly after the announcement Hannah got to meet several of her future suitors as they were brought out on stage.

Then, last night, Colton was left to do the only "truthful" thing he could. And while Cassie made it clear that she's not ready to be engaged, we're starting to think that Underwood isn't ready either. The "fence jump" mention is, of course, a reference to Colton storming away from the cameras and jumping over an eight-foot fence after Cassie dumped him.

After surprising her at her hotel, Colton told Cassie that he'd sent Tayshia and Hannah home despite the fact they "could have given me a good life with them".

Colton admitted that he didn't expect his virginity to be featured so prominently - nearly as much as that fence jump - saying, "I never thought it would become this big a deal or a story". (First, he jokes that he lost his virginity, which... gross?) He explains the whole saga to them, and that he's in love with Cassie, but when his dad asks if she's in love with him, he admits, "At this point, no".