Donald Trump brands Democrats an 'anti-Israel' and 'anti-Jewish' party


The resolution, initially launched as a rebuke exclusively against anti-Semitism following remarks made by Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, was later broadened to include all forms of bigotry.

Omar told Democratic House leadership earlier in the week that she was prepared to vote in favor of a resolution created to condemn her own remarks on Israel, two senior congressional aides told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

The allegations of anti-Semitism directed toward Ilhan Omar have no precedent in Congress.

But Democrats insisted Trump was out of bounds to suggest their party was anti-Jewish.

"I thought yesterday's vote by the House was disgrace", Trump said, "because the Democrats have become an anti-Israel party, they've become an anti-Jewish party, and I thought that vote was a disgrace and so did everybody else if you get an honest answer".

Republicans openly mocked the all-encompassing resolution, particularly after a last-minute addition of a clause condemning white supremacists continuing "to exploit bigotry and weaponize hate for political gain".

When House members debated the resolution, Omar's defenders argued that she was being singled out.

However, prominent Democratic legislators came to Omar's defense, after her most recent comment about pro-Israel activists.

"We see these rapid, rapid changes [in opinion], especially among young American Jews". "But the fact is if that's how it was interpreted, we have to remove all doubt, as we have done over and over again". "I was saying how Trump is different from Obama, and why we should focus on policy not politics", she said in the tweet. She later noted that she had taken Omar's comments about dual loyalty to be referring to Rubio, who is not Jewish.

"Omar is constantly accused of singling out Israel, but she doesn't single out Israel", Gold noted. Omar, who can be quite gracious and charming in real life, turns into a bit of a liberal troll when she gets on Twitter or behind a lectern. "There's no singling out of Israel here". This post is not meant to relitigate those issues but to reach out to Jewish Democrats who agree that Omar's statements were anti-Semitic and who have been frustrated and hurt by the response of party leaders. "Kamala Harris has attended AIPAC for at least the last two years in a row".

"I do not believe she understood the full weight of her words".

"She in 2017 went on a trip to Israel, and we have a picture of her smiling with [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu that he tweeted out", she said, "a war criminal who has just built an alliance with the Jewish KKK, which Kamala has not condemned".

Democrats are betting that the vote on the resolution will put the issue to bed. "We need to stay vigilant".