Starbucks launches Ariana Grande inspired drink


And while we don't have any clue what this possible team up might involve, we are definitely excited to find out what is in the works. And while there was plenty of speculation as to what type of collaboration these two might be doing, now we know. The Cloud Macchiatos are only available in stores in the USA right now. Starbucks describes the 180 calorie caffeine boost as "light and airy with layers of fluffy foam".

Hidden in numerous posts were secret messages, including one that said, "thank you next". And when the company shared a tweet with emojis, a Twitter user seemed to have it all figured out as they responded with, "omg starbucks & ari collab" according to Delish.

What does all of this mean?

Ariana Grande has sold millions of albums and sold out arenas around the world. And that is definitely something we are here for! The juggernaut coffee chain is also getting an assist in their product launch from none other than Ariana Grande, an artist whose merchandise already aligns with the name of this Starbucks drink: Last September, she debuted a fragrance in partnership with Ulta Beauty called Cloud Eau de Parfum.

Wait until after school to get in line for what is sure to be the "It" tween beverage at the coffee chain.

The drink is being released for International Women's Day and Starbucks will be playing a curated list by Grande of her songs.

The addition of the metal straw shows how Starbucks thought about everything with the collaboration, including showing followers its commitment to rid its stores of plastic straws to help the environment.

The coffee company made the exciting announcement Tuesday morning (March 5) after teasing it earlier this week.

What do you think all of these cryptic (but fun) tweets mean?

Will you be hitting up Starbucks to grab a Cloud Macchiato?