UFC 235: Preview and Predictions


The close friends have trained together for UFC 235, which features Woodley's latest title defense against Kamaru Usman in the co-main event.

But there is question about just how long he is prepared to stick around, especially considering he will not be fighting for the title unless his good friend Tyron Woodley is unseated as champion.

While Jones was impressive for the entire bout, it was the fourth round where things could've gone awry when the controversial star committed a massive brain fade by kneeing Smith to the head while he was down.

Considering he can retain his light heavyweight championship against Anthony Smith on Saturday night, the challenges in the division seem to be thin with some big potential match-ups available in a division now ruled by his arch nemesis, Daniel Cormier.

"Hats off to Anthony Smith", Jones said. "All of my extended family is there while here in the US I've my parents, two brothers and sisters and two uncles", he said in a call from Las Vegas this week.

"If you watch the tape, I was actually kind of shocked by it but Herb asked him a few times whether he was OK and didn't hear anything, so I was wondering whether he really was out". This guy is so durable - he's like a Terminator.

In reality, Garbrandt's best chance of a quick return to a title fight is for Dillashaw to lose his belt and a new champion to emerge. Some days you are going to look wonderful, and some days you're not going to perform at the level you want to.

"Marty fought like a b***h", Askren said bluntly shortly after Usman defeated Woodley.

"There's a lot of young talent in the UFC - so many guys coming up, so many guys that are looking unbelievable - and that's going to be such a challenge in itself".

A championship bout with a title on the line, welterweight Tyron Woodley faces off against the "Nigerian Nightmare", Kamaru Usman.

Between 2013 and 2014, it was expected that Askren would sign with the UFC in free-agency. "But when it comes to mixing this [stuff] up, I'm the best in the world right now". Besides his failed doping tests, Jones was also stripped of the light heavyweight title due to disciplinary issues. He defended the ONE title four times before retiring in November 2017 after a win over Shinya Aoki.

But Walker was soon red-faced with both embarrassment and pain after dislocating his left shoulder when he attempted "the worm" dance move to celebrate.

Facing Robbie Lawler on the UFC 235 main-card on Saturday night, there has been the suggestion that Dana White has purposely given Ben a bad match-up in order to put this one to bed once and for all.