Defect from UK Labour Party Over Anti-Semitism & Brexit Betrayal


"We must give the British public the final say over the deal with the option of staying in the European Union".

The reorganisation of British politics continued on Tuesday night as an eighth Labour MP quit the party to join the new Independent Group, and three Conservative MPs were on the verge of following suit.

"We have had a whitewash report, we have had unprecedented actions of Jewish people feeling they have to demonstrate against the Labour Party in Parliament Square".

Corbyn, a supporter of Palestinian rights and critic of the Israeli government, has previously been accused by some of failing to tackle anti-Semitism in the party.

Mrs Allen was one of a group of Conservative MPs to announce she is leaving the party.

It will be most surprising if they are not joined by rebel Conservatives in the next two months, but possibly even in the next few days, and it is also likely more Labour MPs will join them - altogether taking their number closer to 20. I deeply regret that three of my colleagues have made a decision to leave the party.

Cllr Smith said: "We welcome Heidi's decision to leave a party with which she has seemed increasingly uncomfortable". If you do that British politics is going to be shaken quite a bit if you get that through - I'm willing to extend confidence and supply to your government so it doesn't fall over through the period of the referendum.

Labour MPs resign over party's handling of Brexit, anti-Semitism

The prime minister said however that the Conservative government was "doing the right thing" for the country. "A purple momentum is subsuming the Conservative party, as much as the hard left has been allowed to consume and terminally undermine the Labour party", they wrote.

Her announcement comes amid growing speculation that the group may take some members from the Conservatives.

"I am determined that under my leadership the Conservative Party will always offer the decent, moderate and patriotic politics that the people of this country deserve".

"I believe this to have been a foolish decision".

While this new Independent Group on its own will not be able to stop Brexit, analysts say, it may play an outsize role in stopping a so-called "no-deal Brexit", under which Britain would crash out of the continental trading bloc without any transition period or trade deal.

"Just think about that for a moment, a Labour MP who has been suffering from appalling abuse from antisemites and the man who says he has zero tolerance for antisemitism has literally not picked up the phone to her and said I hope you're ok, not once". All of this hangs heavy over the group's future as a new party. "At a time when the country is suffering from a hopeless and aimless Conservative government, I am confident that the overwhelming majority of Labour representatives and members will continue to concentrate on building the alternative the country desperately needs".

Ms Soubry told listeners she would "keep true to her values and principles" and she'd received an "overwhelming support from her constituents" so far in her email inbox. Douglas Carswell, who resigned from the Conservatives to join UKIP in 2014, tweeted: "When I changed parties it didn't occur to me to not hold a by election".