White House indicates President Trump will veto disapproval of emergency


Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN, "If we give away, if we surrender the power of the purse... there will be little check and no balance left. It'll not be a separation of powers anymore, just a separation of parties".

"Rather than responding to an emergency requiring immediate action, the Declaration seeks to address a long-running disagreement between the President and Congress about whether to build a wall along the southwestern border and Congress's refusal to appropriate funds for that goal, ".

First, he did not address the issue when the Republican Party held majorities in both the House and Senate, when, for example, he had the ability to push through measures on reconciliation.

West Virginia's Republican delegation should also remember their appropriate outrage when President Obama's EPA abused its executive power to try to shut down the coal industry.

"Well obviously the president is going to protect his national emergency declaration", Miller responded.

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., released a statement Thursday afternoon condemning a state of emergency declaration, ahead of Trump's official Friday announcement. "But the fact that they're even talking about a resolution of disapproval shows you this is a statutory issue and a statutory delegation that Congress made", Miller said.

Duckworth said it was unclear whether there would be enough members of Congress to override a presidential veto on such a resolution but said there were many senators alarmed at the emergency declaration.

Once a challenge is filed in court, Ackerman said, "the Supreme Court is going to decide in six months to a year". "We'll have to wait and see".

A spokesperson for A.G. Phil Weiser said late Sunday that the state will join the suit, which was first proposed Friday by California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Trump on Friday declared a national emergency to address what he called an "invasion" of drugs, gangs, human traffickers and undocumented migrants over the United States border with Mexico.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Miller noted 120 miles of the barrier on the U.S. -Mexico border are "already under construction or are already obligated" and anticipated a total of hundreds will be completed by September 2020.

Fourth, Congress passed another continuing resolution to keep the government open until December 21, 2018.

"You can not conceive of a nation without a strong, secure border", Miller opined. We have worldwide narco-terrorist organizations. He illegal immigration "is a threat in our country".

Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, a Trump ally, put his shoulder to the wheel on CBS' Face the Nation. It would allow him to move federal dollars earmarked for military construction to the border, but is already facing legal and political challenges. "So why is that a national emergency?" Opioid addiction is going through the roof in this country. If there was actually a situation where illegal immigrants killed Americans on the southwest border every day, we'd understand.

Several Texas landowners and the Frontera Audobon Society say they'll be adversely affected by construction for the president's proposed wall on the U.S. -Mexico border. "The president isn't acting unilaterally because he can't go to Congress, but because he has done so and he did not fully get what he wanted".

Back then, 95 percent could be turned around in a matter of days.