Newborn baby pulled from storm drain in South Africa after being 'dumped'


The group Rescue Care Paramedics says emergency responders went to the scene on Monday after residents heard a baby crying.

A newborn baby has been pulled out of a storm drain after a dramatic three-hour rescue operation.

Rescue services used a chisel and hammer to break into the drain, Jamieson said.

The little girl had been dumped in Newlands East, Durban.

'Police will now be trying to investigate the circumstances that led to the baby being in the drain in the first place and will also be trying to trace the mother, ' he said.

The team confirmed that a baby girl was stuck and was being washed further down the pipe.

Cllr De Boer said some residents told her that they heard the baby crying as early as 1am and thought it was cats mating.

After being located and extricated, the baby was flown to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital for urgent care.

"I think any child who survives any amount of hours - and it sounds like it was at least four to five hours - in a stormwater pipe on days two or three after birth is a miracle". "It is mercy from above that she is alive". "She's basically stable enough to be transferred to one of the other base hospitals".

Do continue to pray for this little one as she recovers from such a traumatic ordeal.