Disruption as Storm Erik brings strong winds to Sheffield


Storm Erik came with a status orange weather warning for Donegal, Mayo and Galway and wind gusts at times were really powerful.

The flight attempted to touch down on the runway, with the pilot fighting for control before electing to take off again rather than risk the landing.

Winds gusting at over 80mph saw a number of passenger jets struggle to land at United Kingdom airports, with one BA flight forced to climb back into the sky as it attempted to hit the tarmac.

British Airways plan abandons landing due to high winds at Heathrow. It has now landed safely at Manchester.

Although the wet and windy weather was expected to ease, further hard conditions were forecast.

Much of the country will see strong winds and rain showers, some mixed with hale and becoming thundery, meteorologist Alex Burkill said. The wind warning along the south coast of England lapses on Friday evening but a wind warning extends over more of England into north Wales during Saturday. They're going to have very strong winds.

A statement on the Met Office website said: "A swathe of very strong westerly winds is expected to push across Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England through Saturday, easing from the west during the day".

Weather charts show on Sunday there will be up to 4cm of snow in parts of Birmingham, Manchester and the Scottish Highlands.

"We could, therefore, see some further problems on roads". Conditions in the north will be brighter, with some rain and gales possible later on. "There will be a few showers perhaps and it could turn windy but not as windy as today by any means".