Speaker Pelosi: No wall money in USA border deal talks


Trump once again called a congressional conference committee debating border security a "waste of time" and said his administration was proceeding with the construction of 115 miles of wall on the border with Mexico using money "on hand".

His latest comments came a day after Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, told reporters, "There's not going to be any wall money" in legislation to fund border security for the rest of this year.

Earlier he took to Twitter to say that whatever happened, he'd get the wall built.

"I don't want to say", Trump said at a midday photo op, when asked about that possibility.

"I think she's very bad for our country", Trump said when asked what he learned in his negotiations with Pelosi.

Trump reached a deal with Democrats on January 25 to reopen the government for three weeks so that lawmakers can negotiate a deal that includes funds for a border wall-the president's landmark campaign promise. "So they come into areas where you don't have the barriers", Trump said.

"We're not getting anywhere with them", Trump said during an event at the White House, citing what he called "tremendous obstruction by Democrats", who call their differences with the president a basic disagreement over immigration policy.

Trump, ahead of the CBS interview that was taped Friday, had suggested he could announce that he is taking executive action to build the wall during Tuesday's annual State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. I don't think Democrats want border security.

But if you don't have it - human trafficking, just as an example. "We've designed a much better-looking wall that is also actually a better wall, which is an interesting combination", he said. Enough drugs were contained in the shipment to kill millions of people.

Trump said he wants to keep the US military base in Iraq rather than pull troops out like in Syria and Afghanistan "because I want to be able to watch Iran".

"Optimistic and unifying, but I think it can also be considered visionary", the official said of the speech. But we will, at the same time, be building - regardless, we're building wall and we're building a lot of wall.

According to the Human Trafficking Legal Center, most foreign-born human trafficking victims enter the United States with legal visas believing they will be given a chance to work legitimate jobs. Trump said his aversion to letting his son play football is because "it's a unsafe sport and I think it's really tough".