About one-third of Americans expected to watch football's Super Bowl


This will be the 11th time the Patriots compete in the Super Bowl, and the third straight year they've contended for the title.

McVay goes into the Super Bowl with a 26-9 record as head coach, the only thing that stands between him and Super Bowl history is the New England Patriots.

Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin was 65 when his team beat Bill Belichick's Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012. Star Tribune also shared a complete gallery of all 51 Super Bowl rings made and awarded so far on their site, for football fans to see how the designs have progressed over time. "But we're confident. The Patriots are a great team but I think we're pretty good too". Outside of New England though, the league has been cyclical.

Pittsburgh and Dallas have met three times.

For all of Belichick and McVay's coaching and motivational brilliance, and the quarterbacking wizardry of Brady and Goff, the battle for the Super Bowl will most likely be won in the trenches. Then, 17 years later, Dallas defeated the Steelers 27-17. His grandfather John McVay is a previous head coach of the University of Daytona and New York Giants as well as former general manager of the San Francisco 49ers involved in orchestrating five consecutive Super Bowl winning seasons.

Atlanta is ready to show off its sunny side - and its new stadium - to the world.

In sport a changing of the guard is usually a slow, drawn-out process and rarely comes as sharply defined as it could be in this year's Super Bowl.

Running back Todd Gurley II says that "situational masters" means that in addition to talent, it's important for a player to understand that "you can beat somebody just by knowing the situations of the game".