Venezuelan opposition leader rejects mediation offers


Guaido has been recognized by President Trump from the onset of the political crisis in Venezuela.

Underscoring the high stakes, a Venezuelan air force general announced Saturday he rejected Maduro's "dictatorial" authority and pledged his allegiance to Guaido, in a video posted on social media. "Wives are sacred. So don't cross that red line".

Meanwhile, California-based Chevron Corp. said its operations in Venezuela will continue normally for the "foreseeable future" despite newly imposed USA sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.

"In the next few days, we will be asking for your help to go get this aid", Guaido said, asking the armed forces to allow a humanitarian corridor.

Guaido has turned down offers from the presidents of Mexico and Uruguay to negotiate with Maduro.

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at event in support of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido at Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center in Doral, Fla., Feb. 1, 2019.

Washington, along with many countries in the western hemisphere, has recognised Guaido as the legitimate president, arguing that Maduro stole his second term, and imposed potentially crippling sanctions this week that are likely to further weaken the OPEC nation's struggling oil industry.

"Chavez is the love of my life" she said, referring to the late Venezuelan president. The military's top leadership is backing Maduro, though analysts warn that rank-and-file troops frustrated by their country's economic and humanitarian crisis may not share their unwavering loyalty.

Francisco Sucre heads the worldwide committee of the opposition-led National Assembly in Venezuela.

Following the roundtable discussion, Pence gave remarks at Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center in Doral, Florida, reinforcing the administration's strong support for Guaidó following threats by Maduro against the opposition leader's family. Joshua Goodman of the Associated Press joins Hari Sreenivasan. But he is not the head of state for us, we do not recognize his status.

Guaido indicated that there would be no dialogue with Maduro or anyone in his government.

He blames the US for supporting what he calls a coup to remove him from power and exploit Venezuela's vast oil reserves.

A day earlier, thousands led by Guaido protested in various cities, banging pots, blowing whistles and horns, and carrying banners that read: "Armed forces, regain your dignity" and "Maduro usurper".

Meanwhile, streams of marchers in another part of the capital walked from middle-class and poor neighborhoods and said they were demanding Maduro's resignation and a transitional government that would hold new presidential elections in the South American country.

"The Kremlin would deny that but the Kremlin does work through private mercenaries", Wigell said, adding that "the Maduro regime doesn't entirely trust its own armed forces anymore".

Guaido reappeared Thursday night to address dozens of neighbors and thank them for not letting state security forces intimidate the community.

It said: "Whatever views people hold on Venezuela, there is no justification for backing the U.S. attempt at regime change under way, which, if successful, could go the way of the disastrous interventions in Iraq and Libya".