Mario Kart Tour has been delayed


Nintendo's had an uneven track record when it comes to mobile games based on its franchises.

Today Nintendo announced its quarterly financial results and provided an update to the number of Switch and 3DS shipped worldwide since the consoles' release.

The Switch's current lifetime total is 32.27 million, and since it only came out two years ago that means it's now beating the sales trajectories of not just the Xbox 360 but every PlayStation console ever. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee sold 10 million units with the biggest selling being Super Smash Bros.

In their latest quarterly results they've downgraded their target to just 17 million, which they'll easily meet because they're now on 14.49 million. It sold 12.08 million units.

Other areas of Nintendo have also seen significant success. Nintendo didn't provide an exact time table for its launch and has yet to say whether the game will be available exclusively on the iPhone before it hits Android or whether it'll be available on both platforms at the same time. On mobile devices, Nintendo is still going very slow, though they did see the launch of Dragalia Lost. Naturally, third-party titles are also part of this push.

On the software side though it's nothing but good news, as they reveal that the three months from October to December were the best ever for Switch software sales, which rose 30% from previous year.

We haven't heard too much about Mario Kart Tour since it was announced past year, though many fans on the mobile front were excited to see what it had to offer. It was scheduled to release within the current quarter but has now been set back to summer 2019.