Trump signs bill to compensate gov’t workers for wages lost during shutdown


"Don't Tell Me!" Peter Sagal both vouched to emcee the event.

The first lady hasn't been seen in public since she joined President Donald Trump to visit USA troops stationed in Iraq on December 26.

White House economists previously estimated that the quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) would lose about 0.08 percent in growth each week that the shutdown lasts.

The quote he denied saying was that "President Trump got all our favorite foods". The pictures appeared to have been taken from the residence. They visited the White House in 2017 after winning against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Lawrence also wrote on Twitter that "the trip to the White House was awesome!"

But only 21 of the executive residence's 79 employees were considered essential and had to show up to work.

The workers will be paid after the shutdown is over. Hassett told PBS News over the weekend that federal workers were "better off" because of the shutdown because they didn't "have to use their vacation days" during the holidays since they were on furlough. The president does draw a salary but Trump donates his monthly pay to charity.

If things happen as Pelosi says now, it would mark the first time that an annual address will not be sent to Congress from the president since 1790. "Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza".

'The reason we did this is because of the shutdown. "We have some very large people that like eating".

"I'm hoping in the next 24 hours there will emerge a group of Republicans and Democrats who will basically ask the president jointly to give us a few weeks to work on this, with you, to see if we can produce a result in the Senate", Graham told reporters Tuesday night.

"But it doesn't help pay the bills *now.* To do that, we MUST reopen the government".

"I was sitting there imagining what would the national champions in a sport in Japan or Italy or France get when they went to their respective leaders' homes, and I imagine that the Japanese spread would be pretty outlandishly fantastic", Kokonas said. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the meeting was constructive.

The budget of the executive office of the president, which includes the White House residence, is funded by the Financial Services and General Government spending bill, which has not been passed.

The House speaker's letter comes as the White House attempts to persuade moderate House Democrats to change course and vote for border-wall funding. We're football players, not bloggers.

He stood behind a table piled high with Big Macs from McDonald's and burgers from Wendy's and Burger King.