Samsung Bixby 2.0 will bring back support for Google apps


That's up from 500 million devices in May, so once this milestone is met at some point in the near future, the number of Google Assistant-supporting devices will have doubled in less than a year.

Google's also making changes to how Google Assistant handles messaging. So you could ask the Google Assistant via another device, to play a playlist from Google Play Music on your Sonos Beam.

Samsung also mentioned that its 2019 Smart TVs will be compatible with Google's AI speaker Google Home and Amazon's Echo.

Google Assistant Connect can help you connect nearly all your devices to one another and use information from Google Assistant in order to work.

In an interview with The Verge, Google Assistant vice president Manuel Bronstein admitted "the largest footprint right now is on phones".

Exactly what this means is now unclear, will they get "deep link access" to the features and functions in some Google apps?

The next Samsung televisions will enable voice control through your existing Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers.

Smart Assistant speakers are going to rule the market in coming days and the recent report of device sales gives a great indication towards it. And it's really similar to what Amazon is doing with the Alexa Connect Kit.

The newest language skill that the Assistant acquired in 2018 was Chinese Mandarin, with which it can greet people with Ni Hao! Google is working to integrate similar e-commerce features into Assistant.

As far as we can make out (it's not stated explicitly) the figure relates to devices made both by Amazon and by other tech companies licensing Alexa.

iTunes Movies and TV Shows will work seamlessly with Samsung's Smart TV Services, such as Universal Guide, the New Bixby and Search, in an effort to create a consistent experience across Samsung's platform.