US Senator Elizabeth Warren moves to challenge Trump in 2020


Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has announced she is forming an exploratory committee as she considers whether to seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. "We'll cheer the progress we've made toward building a more welcoming society for all, and we'll recommit to protecting the rights of all Americans, so that everyone in this country is treated with dignity and respect-so everyone gets a chance to dance!" As she puts it, so many of America's problems were caused because "Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie, and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice". And Warren's gender identity as a woman won't rack up enough intersectionality points against Kamala Harris, the half-black, half-Indian female senator from California. "That's one of the many causes of our current reality".

Comedian and podcaster Rhea Butcher also tweeted to her 90,000-plus followers that those who said they'd vote for Warren in 2016 better come through in 2020.

Warren lathered up hype around a potential run in October when she released another video touting her Native-American heritage, which President Trump has long ridiculed. The former Harvard Law School professor campaigned with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 and attacked Trump as an "insecure money grubber" driven by greed and hate. Some also joked that they had "reservations" about Warren's run.

In an email to supporters, Warren said she'd more formally announce a campaign plan early in 2019.

While some Democratic operatives questioned the wisdom of making a major announcement during the New Year holiday, when fewer Americans may be watching the news, the source familiar with Warren's thinking said her primary concern was getting an early start on campaign activities.

She had been mocked as "Pocahontas" by Donald Trump due to her claims of Native American ancestry at an event celebrating Native American war veterans.

Warren's entrance into the contest to try and challenge President Trump in 2020 is a development he's likely to relish.

Warren grew up in a working-class family. Warren discusses her life growing up in Oklahoma where her mother worked a minimum wage job and her introduction into politics, when she helped President Barack Obama establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the 2008 financial crisis.

That Warren finally chose to get a DNA test and release it was an unmistakable sign of her 2020 intentions, but it also went poorly. "You know it. I know it". She has also consistently shown that she's willing to fight with President Trump. In the first TV ad of her 2012 Senate campaign, in November 2011, she said, "Washington is still rigged for the big guys, and that's got to change". Now Cherokee Nation denies her, "DNA test is useless".