Kevin Spacey's bizarre comeback continues with pizza for paparazzi


On Sunday, he was spotted in Baltimore, according to the Daily Mail , which relayed a unusual incident in which he handed a pizza to a photographer.

Spacey's latest stunt comes less than a week after he released a weird YouTube video - his first social-media interaction in more than a year - in character in his former "House of Cards" role, Frank Underwood.

Kevin Spacey will have to attend his arraignment on sexual assault charges in Nantucket, Massachusetts, next week, a judge decided Monday.

Spacey said in court documents, filed on Monday, that will plead not guilty to indecent assault.

An affidavit from Spacey noted the accused actor lives in a different state and suggested his "presence will amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case".

The 59-year-old USA actor has been told to attend court to formally hear charges against him on 7 January. Defendants are required to appear for court arraignments unless their appearance is waived by a judge, according to MA court officials.

His lawyer Juliane Balliro claimed in court documents that Spacey's appearance would only "heighten prejudicial media interest in the case" and increase the risk of contaminating the jury pool.

"I appreciate what you're doing", Spacey can be heard telling the photographer in video captured by TMZ.

You can count on this spectacle to continue into the new year: Spacey is scheduled to appear in Nantucket District Court for arraignment on January 7, where, TMZ reports, he will plead not guilty.