A Transformer Explosion Turned the New York City Skyline Blue


A giant plume of smoke exploded and colored the night sky blue over a Con Edison substation in Queens on Thursday, causing people across NY to gawk in awe.

"At first I thought the aliens have arrived on earth but nope it has been confirmed to be a power plant transformer by multiple sources".

The NYPD also took to Twitter shortly after the incident to inform concerned citizens that the flashing blue lights were due to a transformer explosion.

The incident was brought under control, and no injuries were reported, the New York Fire Department said.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority said power outages were affecting 7 trains.

It turns out, aliens weren't descending in Queens - a transformer had blown at a power station.

Most of the power was restored to the airport within two hours.

The fault affected some subway service and even led to flight delays at LaGuardia.

The blast prompted a brief fire at a sprawling Con Edison facility in Queens - but no injuries - and a spectacular illumination of the NY skyline that generated a flurry of online commentary. The fire was under control as of 9:40 p.m.

It's not everyday that the night sky is lit up with pulsing blue light, so naturally, the internet had a field day with this event.

Power resumed later in the night, BuzzFeed News reports.

In scenes that looked like the latest Hollywood disaster-blockbuster, a huge blue light flickered in the horizon of the night sky in the borough of Queens, prompting confusion from locals on Twitter.

'The transformer explosion in Astoria was. right outside my window, ' he said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a message on Twitter no one was injured and that Con Edison was evaluating the extent of power outages in the area.

Another woman wrote on Twitter, "The sky is flickering out here so u know aliens #Astoria #nyc #newyorkcity #coned".