YouTuber Builds Glitter Bomb Trap That Farts on Package Thieves


Rober was able to catch - and surprise - several crooks.

Rober's brilliant trap utilizes an Apple HomePod box to house four smartphones to record video of Amazon package thieves (the terrible people who take packages left on people's doorsteps).

The former NASA engineer-turned-YouTube star has received plaudits online after designing a booby trap to avenge all those who've fallen victim to a new wave of neighborhood crime: doorstep delivery theft. When he brought the video to the police, they said it wasn't worth their time to investigate it, so he chose to take matters into his own hands.

A custom circuit circuit board will check the Global Positioning System location of the package when it's moved from the porch.

He equipped it with four phones pointed at exactly the right angle to get the person, no matter where they stood near the package.

The fake package contains a custom-print circuit board with a built-in accelerometer.

Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

He's spent six months crafting a beautifully over-engineered revenge package that looks like an Apple product.

He made the decoy box appear to be an Apple HomePod but it was sent from Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone" (and even includes the address of the home that was used for the exteriors), The recipients were the Wet Bandits themselves Harry and Marv - Kevin's enemies.

The device goes off as soon as the package is opened, spraying a colossal amount of glitter everywhere. Oh, and it included multiple phones that would record the thieves reactions and upload it to the internet.

Viral: The video has more than 6 million views.

"The moral of the story is just don't take other peoples" stuff, Rober said in the video.