Bulls players contact union, complain about Jim Boylen


Cooler heads prevailed, with Bulls players going to the coaching staff and expressing their belief that a meeting was needed. The fact New Orleans has played more games (29) than any other team in the league, and hasn't had more than one day off between games since November 10, hasn't helped matters. "The main thing that we can tell you guys is that we went in there and we went in as a unit". According to multiple sources, a group text exchange began with "two or three players" advocating for not even showing up for the rare practice called the day after a set of back-to-back games with another game scheduled Monday. Injuries are part of the game, you can't control them. "So we've got to put a string of wins together".

He meant spiritually after what transpired Sunday.

"Jim has gone about things the way he wants to go about it".

Robert Williams knew what he was getting himself into, and wanted to make it clear early on that he would not be bullied around.

Boylen then denied the players had called for the meetings, and said they were his idea. They have different styles.

Boylen didn't question his players' toughness this time around, and he didn't mention their physical shape. But Hoiberg thought he'd at least get some time with a healthy roster before management fully decided his future. I am disgusted that it has already gotten to this point with Coach Boylen.

"It was fun to be back", Portis said. That's my role. I felt good. "But being able to play with my teammates is what I cherish the most".

"Well, he held him to 41", Celtics coach Brad Stevens joked. "Everybody is human. Everybody has a reason to do what they do and a lot of times we've all done it where we look back and say, 'God, I wish I would've done that differently.' We could've handled that differently".

Dunn admitted to some expected rust. It's good to see two of the older players on the roster in Justin Holiday and Zach LaVine speak up for their teammates but without a mutual respect between the coach and his players, the team will never bounce back from this bad start.