Google rebrands Project Fi, offers deals on all phones (Pixel 3 included)


To celebrate the rebranding, for today only (11/28), Google has a few Fi deals going on. Project Fi has apparently been a success, as Mountain View is graduating the service to Google Fi and expanding the handsets it'll work with today.

Since this marks the first time Fi is available on an iPhone, there's also a new iOS app. iPhones will need iOS 11 or higher, and Android devices will need Android 7.0 or higher and bands 2 and 4.

Oh, and Google is dropping the "project" label.

All of this means you can save money through Google Fi with a cheap plan after buying that new, pricey Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max, or One Plus 6T. If you're on an iPhone, regular SMS texting requires you to update your settings in order to work and visual voicemails won't appear in the Phone app. Google has inked deals with T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular, and up until today, all phones running on Fi could seamlessly switch between the three, depending on whichever had the fastest signal; Fi also uses Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity when those are available. After that, any additional data becomes free of charge, though customers should expect to encounter slower 2G/3G speeds if they consume more than 15 GB within a billing period. You can get back all the money you spend on a new phone-dollar for dollar-in travel vouchers, which you can use for flights, Airbnb locations, or hotels.

Google has had its own MVNO wireless service option for quite awhile now, but its selection of devices has been pretty limited. Past year the company started adding support for some Android One devices including the Moto X4. As for the LG phones, Google merely says,"You might be able to make calls or text over wi-fi". "These phones include special hardware and software to move effortlessly between Google Fi's networks and provide you with even more security and reliability through Fi's new enhanced network feature".

According to the now deleted post, Google Fi will allow you to bring phones from Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, and iPhones “in Beta”.

Google Fi ditches the old yellow and green color scheme in favor of a combo of Google's iconic green, blue, red, and yellow hues and now has plenty of the fancy Google Sans font everywhere you look. And unlike phones made for the service, automatic network switching between Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular won't be active and phones will stay on a single network, which in the past has been T-Mobile.