US asylum laws - here's what to know


Hundreds of Central American migrants who tried to force through a Mexican police blockade into the United States retreated to a nearby camp Monday after U.S. border agents pushed them back with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Mexico's National Migration Institute said that 98 migrants were being deported after they tried to breach the US border, and USA agents fired tear gas into Mexico to stop them. Now, Trump has responded to the whole ordeal. U.S. Border Patrol contacted paramedics and took her to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Border Patrol agents say 42 migrants are under arrest after the migrant caravan attempted to force their way across the USA border.

Numerous migrants say they are fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras in search of asylum north of the border. There can be no disagreement when it comes to firing tear gas on innocent families.

Groups of Central American migrants have been converging on the Mexican border city for days in their quest to gain entry to the United States.

McAleenan said individuals breached the border fence to the east of San Ysidro and some went west and sought to enter through the Tijuana River channel.

The migrant caravan has been camped out in Tijuana for the past two weeks.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement that US authorities will continue to have a "robust" presence along the Southwest border and that they will prosecute anyone who damages federal property or violates USA sovereignty.

That frustration bubbled over yesterday as a protest march by migrants turned into a chaotic scene, with people trying to breach the border fencing and U.S. authorities using tear gas to repel them.

CARAVAN CHAOS: Over 50 Migrants ARRESTED After STORMING US-Mexico Border

"We can't have all these people here", Mujica told The Associated Press.

Many Democrats have expressed outrage at the agents' use of tear gas, but Judd, a 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, strongly disagrees.

On Sunday, hundreds of caravan members, including women and children, were peacefully protesting with chants of "We aren't criminals!"

Although Sunday's incident took place at a part of the border where there is already a physical barrier, Trump again urged Congress to fund his long-promised border wall, as well as reiterating his unsubstantiated assertion that there are many criminals among the migrants. Border Patrol agents countered using "less lethal devices", which included tear gas and "other projectiles", but not rubber bullets.

The refugees are legally allowed to apply for asylum in the U.S., but this process has been known to take as long as a year.

A migrant waves a Honduran flag along the railroad tracks at the Mexico-U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico, Nov. 25, 2018, as a group of migrants tries to reach the United States.

Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol's San Diego Sector explained on CNN that the officers at the border emitted tear gas because they were threatened by people entering illegally.

Mexico is on track to send a total of around 100,000 Central Americans back home by the end of this year.