House Republicans Choose Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Minority Leader


Following the midterm election loss of the majority, Jordan sent a letter to colleagues where he promoted his bid to become Republican leader, in which he argued that the House GOP "have largely been conducting "business as usual" for the past two years, and we just paid the price".

Along with Paul Ryan and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, McCarthy was one of the party's "Young Guns", poised to be the next generation of GOP leadership on Capitol Hill. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky won another term as majority leader in the Senate, where Republicans appear to have picked up a seat or two. "If there are variables and things that are offered to us of course we'll consider them, but I think our position is pretty sound and understandable".

McCarthy has been here before, having helped pick up the party after Republicans last lost control of the House in 2006, leading them to the 2010 tea party wave that pushed them back into the majority.

House Democrats will hold their election after Thanksgiving.

Asked about the opposition Wednesday, Pelosi noted the lack of a challenger.

Looming in the background of all of these contests, however, is the remaining leadership contest, which isn't expected to take place until after Thanksgiving: The race for the Speaker's gavel in the House of Representatives, which Democrats will control for the first time in almost a decade.

Although California's 45th is an affluent district, the tax law's near-elimination of the state and local tax, or SALT, deduction made it a net tax hike for numerous district's upper-middle-class residents. That would be enough to sink her bid in the January 3 floor vote.

In addition to Tlaib, Omar, Davids and Halland's historic victories, the Democratic Party also saw a number of other wins for diversity in government. "We have a lot of room to grow", he said. Jordan is a leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Senate Democrats reelected Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY and Minority Whip Sen. "He told me not to screw it up", she said. Lisa Murkowski stepped away from her post after losing a primary challenge. More than 70 percent of House Democrats have never served under a different team - which is part of the reason for the agitation.

"This portrait of newly elected members of Congress is striking", New York Times congressional correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg noted, sharing a handout of the members-elect photos on Twitter. It's, this leadership needs to turn the reins over to the next generation of Democrats.

Trump's staff has warned him he may not get the full $5 billion he has demanded for new wall construction for 2019, according to a person briefed on the discussions who was not authorized to reveal deliberations. "We need to be making decisions that are evidence based".

Rebel Democrats say the fight is just getting started, so alternatives could emerge if it becomes clear that Mrs. Pelosi cannot corral the votes during their November 28 meeting.

"Donald Trump did very well in Red (Republican) states, in rural places, in smaller cities", John Fortier of the Bipartisan Policy Center said.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been elected to take over the Republican caucus next year. Democrat Joseph Kopser, a former college professor with an engineering degree who became a tech entrepreneur, lost in solid Republican central Texas territory, though he came close.

He said House Republicans will cooperate with Democrats as long as the new majority shows it is serious about governing. Roy Blunt of Missouri are expected to take over the third- and fourth-ranking spots.

"History is against us", he said. "I think it's disgusting what's happening and, you know, building the wall, it's in smaller stages, we can build it very quickly". "I think you have to advance ideas that are better than theirs, and some of the ideas I've heard out of them, that is a low bar".

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot past year during practice for the annual Congressional baseball game, will remain McCarthy's top deputy as Minority Whip, and Liz Cheney will be the conference chairwoman, a position her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, held three decades ago.