Death Toll Hits 25 from Wildfires at Both Ends of California


Honea said the agency was also bringing in a mobile DNA lab and encouraged people with missing relatives to submit samples to aid in the identification process.

As wildfires continue to burn in California, new satellite photos show the massive scale of the deadly Camp Fire that has devastated the state's northern town of Paradise. The Santa Ana winds, which blow out of the Sierra Nevadas and toward the western coastline, are building into howling gales that dry the vegetation and the soil, creating potentially explosive fire conditions. They found more than five victims during their afternoon's work. His Malibu home was destroyed.

The Camp Fire in Butte County has slowed its furious pace, growing by 4,000 acres Saturday night amid "moderate to extreme" conditions fueled by gusting winds.

Gerard Butler has taken to Twitter to reveal that his home was among the thousands affected by the devastating California wildfires.

State officials have blamed climate change and said numerous burn areas have been in federally managed lands.

Back in Paradise, the air still clogged with smoke, residents who stayed behind to try to save their property or who managed to get back to their neighborhoods found cars incinerated and homes reduced to rubble.

In less than two days, the Hill and Woolsey fires had prompted evacuation orders for more than 250,000 people, including the entire city of Malibu, which is home to some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Some cried when they saw nothing was left. Lining the fire zone streets are charred, abandoned cars that mark the moment families decided fleeing on foot was their safest option. About 1,000 homes are expected to be destroyed.

He added that the fire took less than two hours to reach the small town of Paradise, which it proceeded to devour.

An unnamed survivor has filmed the moment he revisited the area in the northern town of Paradise, Butte County, where people he knew were killed. They said fires could spread quickly and unexpectedly.

"We have all kinds of tools to help us do this smarter, to build in a more sustainable way and to co-exist with fire", he said.

The distressed cameraman said at the end of the footage: "I'm so lucky to be alive, I went down the canyon into a creek".

The Woolsey Fire was sparking flames at ocean-side homes along the Pacific Coast Highway on Friday, with firefighters from Yucaipa battling the blaze-up. Officials warned firefighters to wear their helmets and be careful of falling trees.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also weighed in, blaming the fires on climate change.

"Fire is now burning out of control and heading into populated areas of Malibu", the city said in a statement online.

Elinor "Jeannie" Williams, 86, was not among the nine victims of the blaze but died as she waited to be airlifted from an evacuated hospital where she was being treated for a head injury.

"If the house is still there", she said.

"I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is suffering today from these abominable fires and grieving the loss of their homes or loved ones", Lady Gaga said in a tweet. He assumed she had escaped the inferno and was trying to find her at rescue centers until authorities confirmed her death late Friday.