Samsung Galaxy J4 Core is the company's second Android Go phone


A lesser known Chinese electronics company called Royole unveiled a foldable phone earlier this week.

The announcement means other companies can start building the voice assistant system into their own machines and devices as well. Also in the mix were Google Engineer Adrian Roos and Samsung Engineering Director Jisun Park. Available in more than 200 markets around the world, SmartThings offers a connected experience in a single app, bringing IoT into the smart home, the vehicle, office and everywhere in between, the company said.

Samsung also revealed more details about the foldable phone's aspect ratios and resolution. Moreover, we assume the Infinity Flex Display on the foldable phone will be major battery drainer and the new Exynos chipset should help control that.

"There is a device in here and it is stunning", Denison said.

The screens were spotted at the developer conference on one slide. Next, there is desktop mode. It resembles a smaller smartphone when folded in half, but can easily unfold out into a larger tablet when it's unfurled all the way. "For example, kids in the back seats may be playing the same, or different games, while the driver is using navigation".

It offers access to the same development tools Samsung's internal developers use to create Bixby Capsules, which is what developers build to add features to Bixby. Not that they've not already been doing so - but still! Huawei wants to release a foldable handset and LG is working on foldable TVs, according to The Verge. "They'll have to prove that it's more than just a gimmick", said Mr O'Donnell. Unfortunately, at this moment, simulated display does not handle touch. Even Microsoft could be a candidate in the foldable device race. You'd be able to multitask with all three on the foldable Galaxy phone. My guess is that we'll see Gorilla Glass cover glass on the 4.5-inch screen and a type of plastic to cover the interior screen.

The device will be available for mass production in a few months.