Hundreds Gather to Protest Trump's Latest Threats to the Mueller Investigation


Thousands of people are marching from Times Square to Union Square on Thursday evening in solidarity with nationwide protests demanding Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recuse himself from the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe, fearing he will end or limit the investigation. Mr. Trump openly said a few times that if he had known Sessions would recuse himself, he might not have selected him to be the top law enforcement official in the country.

The rally took place at Thomas Paine Plaza as people joined in a nationwide protest to respond to the hiring of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

Kreutz said the appointment of Whitaker, whom the AP called "a Republican Party loyalist", eventually could end the probe by cutting funding.

Maloney urged the protesters to call U.S. Sen. "He worked for Attorney General (Jeff) Sessions".

Other critics have slammed Trump's decision to appoint Whitaker as acting attorney general over Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein because the move puts Whitaker in charge of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, which Whitaker had been publicly critical of.

Those include an op-ed in which he said Mueller would be straying outside his mandate if he investigated Trump family finances and a talk radio interview in which he maintained that there was no evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

He also called Whitaker "a very highly respected man".

The sources also told the Post they do not believe Whitaker would approve any subpoena of Trump as part of that probe. He added that Whitaker's role heading the Justice Department will be a brief one.

Trump named as acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker, Session's chief of staff, who as a legal commentator a year ago wrote that special counsel Robert Mueller appeared to be taking his investigation too far.

"Because a reasonable person could question your impartiality in the matter, your recusal is necessary to protect the essential and longstanding independence of the department", the attorneys general said in the letter, which was written by Healey.

Meanwhile, a coalition of 18 state attorneys general has sent a letter to Whitaker calling on him to recuse himself from the special counsel probe like Sessions did, in light of his "widely circulated public comments criticizing" Mueller.

Whitaker has taken over from Jeff Sessions, who resigned Wednesday after months of pressure from President Trump to do so.

Holding signs and banners with statements like "Protect Mueller Investigation" and "Protect Democracy From Our President!" the crowd chanted "no one is above the law" and "ho-ho, hey-hey, Robert Mueller's got to stay".

Earlier Wednesday Trump denied he would shut down Mueller's team, but still labelled the investigation an illegal "witch hunt" that had spent "millions" of dollars.

Mueller is probing both Russia's interference and whether Trump's presidential campaign may have colluded with Moscow.