How to get a free Google Home Mini speaker from Spotify


Spotify still maintains a lead over chief competitor Apple Music, which is estimated to have around 43.5 million subscribers (although that number doesn't come straight from Apple, so keep a grain of salt nearby when reading it). This plays in well with Google's plan to get the Google Assistant in every single home in the world, starting with these United States of America. There's sure to be more information available at once the promotion actually starts. How about YouTube Music?

If Google gave out free stuff to people that already subscribed to their services, they'd simply have a whole bunch of Google users stacking up boxes of Google stuff.

A Spotify Family Plan costs $14.99 per month, and gets you Premium account for up to six family members, which means you can all listen to music without ads, skip tracks, and download music to your device.

What is Spotify Premium for Family? The application does not have offline support, however, according to a user who shared their experience on Reddit. Users must apply to get a free Google Home Mini before the 31st of December, 2018.

Before this beta, Apple Watch users came close to getting Spotify access through a third-party app called Snowy, created when developer Andrew Chang got exhausted of waiting for Spotify to release their own official app.