Tyler Perry Says He's Ready To 'Kill Off' Madea


Now, Tyler Perry has made a new announcement: the iconic Madea character will be retired in 2019.

Tyler Perry has played the character of Mabel "Madea" Simmons for almost two decades, but the actor and director has revealed he's done. But in 2019, exactly 20 years after audiences first met the tough-talking grandmother, Perry is taking off the makeup and wig once and for all. I'm exhausted, man! I'm exhausted, ' the 49-year-old movie/TV mogul said on Bevy Smith's SiriusXM show on Monday. Eight films in the Madea franchise have grossed an overall total of $502 million worldwide at the box office, not to mention the revenue from three other films in which Perry appeared as her. The play was directed and written by Perry, who also starred in the play and portrayed the fictional character. He'll also play her on a farewell stage tour.

Check out the interview below to see what is in store for Tyler Perry and the death of Madea next.

Perry didn't reveal if the funeral in the upcoming film would be for Madea herself, and the movie poster shows the character with her head down wearing mourning attire. The director signed a deal with Viacom to produce content across film, television and short-video platform.