Breast cancer survivor works to let others know of hereditary risk


On Friday, 19 October, the International Breast Cancer day, employees at Mapfre Middlesea and Mapfre MSV Life were encouraged to wear pink clothes to raise awareness about this disease.

Since being declared cancer-free in December 2015, Thompson has maintained a busy schedule in her advocacy efforts.

"I think one of the challenging things about Breast Cancer Awareness Month is that there are pink ribbons everywhere and lots of discussion about mammograms and prevention, taking your health into your own hands", she said. In line with this, the DOH conducted a forum to increase breast cancer awareness through education on self-breast cancer screening, lectures from esteemed societies and conduct of mass screening. "We need to step out of our bubble where you can not even say the words "breast" and "cancer" together aloud", says Farah Mahmood, coming out of a Pinktober workshop.

In addition to the contribution, BMT will offer informational brochures at all their banking locations. Today, the company operates 43 banking locations, six (6) wealth management offices and three (3) insurance and risk management locations in the following counties: Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Dauphin Counties in Pennsylvania; New Castle County in Delaware; and Mercer and Camden Counties in New Jersey.

This year will mark the fourth time the Playing For Pink Ladies Invitational Polo continues to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

The Lambert family is grateful for a month dedicated to making people more aware about the disease that has profoundly impacted their lives.

Donning pink superhero capes, the group participated in Sunday's "Crucial Catch" game to intercept cancer, encouraging fans in the stadium and at home to be vigilant about their breast health.

"I am incredibly passionate about raising awareness of the disease, and sharing my experiences to help other women, who are having to face a diagnosis like I did".

Lynda Weatherby and Teri Pollastro are both living with metastatic breast cancer.

The researchers found that statin use was linked to a 12% lower risk of developing contralateral breast cancer. In 2015, the a year ago for which figures are confirmed, 2,593 MS women received a breast cancer diagnosis.

A Texas woman allowed her breast cancer surgery to be streamed live on Facebook in hopes it will inspire more women to get screened for the often deadly disease. "That helped me so much because all of my doctors were at least a 30-to-45-minute drive from my house".

Eric Dunlap, a resident of Stone Mountain, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000.

"Working together with MGH, we aim to provide breast biopsies by 2019 with members of the MGH team actually here on the Island", said Hartman, "so Islanders won't have to make the trip all the way up to Boston".