Georgia's Education wins big due to Mega Millions Historic Jackpot


One winning ticket was sold in SC for Tuesday night's record-shattering Mega Millions jackpot worth at least $1.6 billion, the state's official lottery website reported.

States receive a percentage of lottery ticket sales and then use the money to support public schools or meet other needs.

The record jackpot had set off a lottery frenzy across America, with people lining up at convenience stores, supermarkets and liquor stores to buy a $2 ticket that gave them a roughly one in 300 million chance of winning.

The winning numbers were 5-28-62-65-70, with a Mega Ball number of 5, and lottery officials estimated that 75 per cent of all number combinations had been purchased by the time of yesterday's drawing.

The Baton Rouge tickets were bought at the Circle K at 9320 Burbank Drive and Romero's Food Mart at 13921 Joor Road.

Lottery officials said the state will get $80 million in taxes. Eight second-tier winning tickets were sold in California, which pays Mega Millions winners on a pari-mutuel basis. No idea. We had a lot of customers yesterday, so I have no idea, ' he said, fending off questions about the lucky winner's identity.

Lottery officials had said for days that the jackpot would be worth an estimated US$1.6 billion, a USA lottery record. Unless the victor chooses to come forward, the world may never know who won. "He'd be good for the business". And the individual with the winning Mega Millions ticket will have to make a big decision: Take the lump sum or annual payments? If it's not claimed, the money will be distributed equally to the states playing.

The jackpot got so big because no one had won since July, when a group of office workers in California shared $543m.

Although Tuesday's jackpot was huge, it's no fluke.

Call it the world's largest lottery prize that wasn't.

Powerball officials made the first such move in October 2015, changing the odds of winning the jackpot from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292.2 million.

While most attention has focused on Mega Millions, Powerball also has been soaring.

For the victor, options include an immediate cash payment of $877.8 million, or the $1.537 billion prize paid out over 29 years. "Now I know y'all have it!"