Trump Ready to Blame Others If GOP Fails in Midterms


President Trump said Monday his new tax cut plan would be a 10 percent reduction for middle-class families. But many Democrats have said they will not vote for her.

The luck of the electoral calendar means Democrats face a much greater challenge in the Senate: they have to defend 26 of the 35 seats at stake, several of them in states that voted for Trump in 2016.

Trump, who has predicted his party will do "very well" in the midterms, said Monday he would produce a "resolution" calling for the tax cut.

A reckoning of sorts is coming for the Republicans. Add Midterm Elections as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Midterm Elections news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Since 1894, there have been 31 midterm elections.

In the battle for the House, which is the lower chamber of Congress, all 435 seats are up for election - 218 seats are needed for control. Historically, the presidential party takes a hit in the midterms after the first presidential election, and Trump is hoping to reverse that trend. This occurred, for example, in 1938 during Franklin Roosevelt's second term, when dissatisfaction with FDR's Depression-era policies was high in certain parts of the country.

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence panel, wrote on Friday in the Washington Post that the Republican-controlled Congress had abdicated its oversight duty and "been complicit in some of the president's most egregious attacks on our democratic institutions". In October 2010, just before Republicans recaptured the House, and 2014, the electorate became more Republican as the universe of those registered was winnowed to likely voters. Back in December, Democrats had a 14 point advantage on this question.

The 2018 midterms will also be a referendum on the president's conduct.

Democrats will need to gain 24 seats to flip the house, but voter turnout will be key. The party divisions on Kavanaugh are stark: 80 percent of Republicans favored his confirmation, while 66 percent of Democrats opposed. Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen is challenging Republican incumbent Dean Heller, the only Republican senator up for re-election in a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

This summer Democrats let themselves dream that their charismatic young senate candidate in Texas, Beto O'Rourke, might be able to knock Republican Ted Cruz off his senate seat in that large, deeply conservative state. And a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives has and will continue to uphold such manipulations.

Based entirely on Trump role as a "master persuader", Adams had predicted Donald Trump's possible victory in the Republican nomination process and later the USA elections 2016.

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