Mexico says 2 buses arrive at border crossing


Some 4,000 migrants fled their lives of poverty and violence in the Central American country with the hope of making it to the United States - despite repeated warnings from President Trump that he would deploy the USA military to stop them.

Even by those standards his Thursday morning tweet storm - coming less than three weeks from midterm legislative elections where the Democrats may take the lower house from Trump's Republicans - was especially fierce.

US President Donald Trump said he will mobilise the US military to close the border with Mexico and stop an "assault" on the nation by a caravan of migrants from Central America.

"I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught-and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!", Trump tweeted this week. However, the caravan reportedly is still on its way to reach Mexico's southern border and then to the southern border of the US.

Trump claimed that "Criminal elements and DRUGS [are] pouring in" and that it is "All Democrats [sic] fault for weak laws!"

The migrants have already crossed into Guatemala, after forcing their way "past approximately 100 Guatemalan police at the border" with Honduras, and are heading northwards towards Mexico, reports USA Today.

Mexico has implemented what the ambassador to Guatemala calls a "metered entry" system to try to control the vast numbers of people who are traveling there from other Central American countries.

"This is a moral outrage", Schmidt said, invoking "slave auction blocks and separation of Native American families".

Kolken says criminals sometimes embed themselves in migrant caravans and target unsuspecting individuals.

Trump ran for president in 2016 on promises to toughen US immigration policies and build a wall along the USA border with Mexico.

Mexico has rushed to contain the situation.

Leopold also pushes back on President Trump targeting caravans and says the United States needs to get to the root of the problem to make a sustainable impact on illegal immigration.

Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said that while National Guard troops were now supporting the Department of Homeland Security on the U.S. southern border, the Pentagon had not been tasked to provide additional support.

"Gentlemen, we have to be ready in case the wave comes to here, OK?"

But, possibly with an eye on November 6 polls that will determine whether Republicans retain control of Congress, Trump returned to the fiery rhetoric that has marked his past relations with Mexico.

Illegal immigration is likely to be a top issue in November 6 USA congressional elections.

Many immigrants said they joined the caravan after seeing it covered by Honduran news outlets last week.

Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans to offer work visas to Central Americans when he takes office in December.