The Royals Just Visited Bondi And Saw The Most Golden Pants Ever


The day ran almost an hour overtime, but that didn't stop thousands of locals staying put at venues for a glimpse of the popular Duke and Duchess of Sussex - if not a hug.

"So for her to be jetlagged and pregnant must be pretty exhausting", she said.

The welcome included one young fan, Luke Vincent, who broke the ropeline to embrace the prince, playfully playing with his beard.

Schoolgirls Jasmine and Lily got up at 5am to get their prime position and shook hands with the duchess, drawing her over with their homemade sign.

The day was one that seven-year-old Sienna Blackhall will never forget, she says despite the pouring rain she felt exactly like a princess after meeting the royal couple.

The tram ride took the royals from Albert Park Primary School, where the couple had visited the school's garden and learnt about their sustainability program, to South Melbourne beach.

Meghan said she got up at 4:30 am to do yoga, calling it "so good for healing your mind".

Meghan told the pupils: "It's fantastic what you guys are doing".

Charlotte Waverley, 35, who is expecting and had her two-year-old son, Finn, with her, talked to the Duchess about pregnancy: "Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag".

Harry has visited Australia on several occasions before in a royal capacity, but this was Meghan's first time and her first long-haul overseas tour.

The couple were greeted by cheers and screams as they arrived at Bondi, the latest stop on their Australian tour, just before 08:30 local time on Friday morning.

Prince Harry and Meghan meet with lifeguards before a beach clean.