Artist Explains Inspiration Behind Painting of Trump With Past Republican Presidents


Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone will replace Don McGahn as White House counsel, President Trump said Tuesday.

This painting was first spotted during an interview with the United States president on 60 Minutes which aired on Sunday.

The painting is a portrait of Republican presidents from years past laughing around a table of drinks including Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, George W Bush. and Donald Trump in the middle of them all.

Trump's likeness has been ruthlessly disfigured by "high" and "low" artists alike, who have made no secret of their dislike of the Republican president.

It's a sort of heads-I-win, tails-you-lose proposition Trump is offering his party. "I mean, it's a challenge", he said.

Repeatedly stressing what he saw as the achievements of his first two years, Mr Trump said he would be seeking another term because there was "always more work to do".

Trump's decision to attack a high-profile woman, and specifically her appearance, shows that Trump probably does not care about all of the data and reporting saying that women are turned off by his mistreatment of women - especially when it comes to how he chooses to attack them.

US President Donald Trump has said that he wants people with merit, who can help, to enter the country and not sneak inside the border illegally.

As Thomas explained to Time, "That will be the first Republican female president and the first Democratic female president". He focused on so-called "chain migration", the process by which legal immigrants help foreign-born family members come to the USA, and the Diversity Immigration Visa Program, often known as the Green Card lottery, a system created by bipartisan support in 1990.

The Trump administration said late Tuesday that the elimination of burdensome regulation has saved American families and businesses $23 billion in fiscal 2018 alone.

One user wrote: "Even in Trump's thrift store trash painting, a woman is coming to end the bullshit when they aren't paying any attention".

Trump has bucked decades of precedent by refusing to release his income tax returns during the 2016 presidential election, as well as after taking office.

"Why Trump is up at 3am in the morning us because doing cocaine in the basement apparently according to what I found in the painting", one user wrote.