Fortnite patch notes detail latest game mode: Disco Domination


Fortnite's 6.1 patch is set to launch soon, and we may already know one of the weapons it will bring with it.

Other than that, not much changed in the game. Today also sees the return of the infamous Skull Trooper skin on the in-game item shop.

Beyond this new limited time mode, V6.02 adds the Quad Launcher, teased earlier this week. When the floor is captured, it will fill the team's "dance bar" until an enemy comes to break up the party or the storm begins moving. Take them over by clearing out any enemies and then dancing to raise a disco ball up from the floor. The only game that has more players is the mega game known as Minecraft. The first team to fill their dance bar wins. The bar fills faster when the match is in later stages, which is meant to help teams lagging behind stage comebacks.

For this challenge, you'll need to revive five players in five different matches.

Adjustments include a reduced rate at which Storm circles close, an increased score requirement to win, and a change in the last respawn circle. The rocket allows four rockets to be loaded at one time and fired repeatedly.

Time will tell exactly how the weapon will function, but it's clear that the weapon will be of legendary rarity. While the base variant of rocket launchers has yet to be nerfed, the Quad Rocket Launcher seems to be Epic's attempt at balancing weapons across the board. Instead of engaging in a build battle, players will have the opportunity to use the Quad Launcher to quickly turn the fight around.

The Quadlauncher can be found in chests, supply drops, and vending machines, but you won't find one on the floor.

The Port-a-Fortress has returned and can be looted in-game once again.