Official iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Battery and RAM Details Revealed


iPhone fans began lining up outside the Apple Store at Westfield Century City at 2 p.m. Thursday in anticipation of the phone's debut Friday.

The 5.7-inch XS is the smallest of Apple's new iPhones, but it is still pretty large for some people's hands. There are a few things you should know before emptying your wallet at the Apple store.

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are the latest flagship smartphones from Apple and bear significant changes to its previous generation smartphones. According to Apple, though the super-sized iPhone's display will use the most battery power, this configuration will provide users with even more usage time compared to iPhone X (an additional 1.5-hours). Elsewhere, there were much shorter queues with sales limited those that had placed online orders. In other words, it's iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 launch day.

Last year's iPhone X is on top, while the XS and XS Max are in gold below.

While many Android phones are making the jump to 6GB and 8GB of RAM, Apple is remaining more conservative. A buyer would have to shell out Rs 76,900 for the cheapest model of the new phones, the 64 GB iPhone XR in India, while the iPhone XS would cost Rs 1,34,900.

Moving over to the prices, the iPhone XS price in India is Rs. 99,900 for the 64GB model, Rs. 1,14,900 for the 256GB variant, and Rs. 1,34,900 for the 512GB option. Here are five reasons to hold off before buying the iPhone XS and what to get instead.

Apple also introduced iPhone XR.

The iPhone XS survived the drop with no cracking at all but the same couldn't be said about the iPhone XS Max as it landed on its corner and the front glass was ruined.

It's that time of year again where people queue up to buy the new phone from a company named after a fruit. You don't have a separate one anymore.

What do you think of companies that indulge in a little light-hearted trolling such as this?

Those seriously concerned about the durability of the new iPhones should wait for additional durability tests to hit the web before making any conclusions.