From amps to microwaves, Amazon tipped to reveal more Alexa devices


Amazon doesn't disclose sales numbers for the Echo, but has previously said "tens of millions" of Alexa-enabled devices sold worldwide.

According to a report by CNBC, Amazon may be gearing up to reveal up to eight new Alexa devices before the end of this year.

The upcoming product roster includes home entertainment gear like an amplifier, a receiver, and a subwoofer. There are also products such as the Roav Viva from Anker, an Alexa device which plugs into the 12-volt socket and plays music through the car's Bluetooth-enabled speaker system. The publication notes that Amazon will release some of the devices at an event scheduled later this month. And as far as your kitchen is concerned, that means an Alexa-integrated Amazon microwave is on its way.

Amazon's new product lineup is interesting considering the company's serious move to home appliances. Garmin, too, has an Alexa-compatible dash cam that be used in a vehicle. A survey from digital agency Acquity detailed that by 2019, nearly two-thirds of people plan to own a smart home device. The company is also working on robots of some kind for the home, per Bloomberg. Alexa is arguably the most popular digital assistant for the home, which could give Amazon's devices an advantage.

If the new devices are made and sold by Amazon, they would be in direct competition with similar devices made by Sonos and Garmin.

Amazon already sells an Alexa-connected microwave produced by GE. Amazon could launch a few from the list towards September-end. And costing just $50 for its latest revision, it's an unrivaled entry point for Amazon's digital future. "There are now tens of thousands of developers across more than 150 countries building new devices using the Alexa Voice Service, and the number of Alexa-enabled devices has more than tripled in the past year".