Lexus wants drivers to see better with digital side mirrors


It will be the first mass-produced auto in the world to adopt such mirrors, the Japanese automaker said.

The Digital Side-View Monitors will go on sale in late October and will be made available for the Japanese market only. It's not the cleanest execution of the technology we've seen but it offers several advantages over conventional mirrors, according to Lexus.

Digital screens mounted on the insides of the door provide the driver with a view that can be enhanced at night, and the field of vision can be adjusted as needed. Digital Outer Mirrors is an extension of the full display mirror (FDM) digital rear view mirror that Lexus and Toyota already offer.

Lexus says that this camera system removes bulky mirrors on the side of the vehicle cleaning up the view. Each of the monitors are at the base of the front pillars. Their absence also means there's less drag and wind noise, which Lexus says results in a quieter, more comfortable cabin experience for passengers. The image visible on the two five-inch screens at the base of each A-pillar can be enhanced to show greater detail and a broader view, either manually by the driver or automatically when the turn signals are activated or the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Another highlight of the Digital Outer Mirrors over the conventional mirrors is that it is shaped to resist the accumulation of raindrops and snow, leaving the driver's view unaffected.