SC won’t evacuate prison for Hurricane Florence


Many organizations in the greater Jacksonville area are offering their help to Hurricane Florence evacuees as the monster storm approaches the Southeast coast. It's big and it's vicious.

Warmer ocean water makes hurricanes more intense because the storms are fed by evaporating water.

Police chief Luther Reynolds added that he has been in touch with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and North Charleston police about the situation and preparing for Hurricane Florence.

The hurricane is expected to weaken into a tropical depression as it continues westward into SC and Georgia. And there will be flooding in the inland areas as well.

Panovich: Well, it's pretty interesting. Forecasts predict as much as 20 inches of rain in some places but one computer model warned there could be up to 45 inches, almost four feet. Meanwhile, the coastal locations are expected to receive 10-30 inches of rain. The other thing this will put us at increased threat for is for possible tornadoes.

A state of emergency has been declared in three U.S. states, as the east coast braces for the arrival of category five storm Florence.

In Alamance County, we will likely begin seeing winds pick up around noon Friday with stronger gusts following overnight Friday into Saturday morning. It will also slam on the brakes and stall near the coast of the Carolinas.

North Carolina resident Roberto Guzman carries belongings from his mobile home as he leaves Wilmington a day before the storm is due to strike.

One woman told MSNBC she would be staying at home in Wilmington, NC with her two children despite the storm. There are more to come. Even from a distance, Florence is expected to bring more sustained easterly winds to the region.

The storm could also to affect weather here in the United Kingdom, though the Met Office has said it is "uncertain" about what the impact could be.

Marshall: You mentioned some hefty winds here in the Charlotte area.

And during last year's Hurricane Irma, officials said 12 people died in Florida's Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills after temperatures in the nursing home rose to 99 degrees.

"If all 5 systems were to be named at the same time, it would be 1st time on record [the] Atlantic had 5 named storms simultaneously", according to a tweet from hurricane scientist Phil Klotzbach.

Still, the potential for coastal flooding remains a concern, they said.

Panovich: They will be dramatically weaker.

"Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you". It changed course overnight promising to bring even worse devastation to the Carolinas and even parts at Georgia - with the Michigan-sized storm now set to linger for days and cause "catastrophic" flooding with up to four feet of rain and 13-foot storm surges.