Brett Kavanaugh on recusal questions related to Mueller, Russia probe


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hil on September 6.

"Ultimately if you have a court that has a vision of America that is narrow, that is not reflective of the changing demographics and the needs of the country, then the Constitution becomes a stale document and the Supreme Court becomes viewed as partisan and political", Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition of civil rights groups opposing Kavanaugh's nomination, said in an interview Monday.

"I have concluded that Judge Kavanaugh will create a Supreme Court majority that will threaten women's reproductive rights, roll back essential environmental regulations, and favor large corporations over workers", Bennet wrote.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has dealt what could be a fatal blow to the campaign against Brett Kavanaugh's U.S. Supreme Court nomination, as the senator admitted she wasn't swayed by a leaked 2003 email in which Kavanaugh said Roe v. Wade wasn't "settled law".

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., took the spotlight Thursday when he dared Republicans to try to expel him for publicly revealing some of Kavanaugh's emails that the GOP majority had ruled were confidential. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, also is being closely scrutinized on Kavanaugh.

That means Pence's constitutionally allotted power to break Senate ties might be used in an unprecedented and potent way, to install Kavanaugh in the seat vacated by retiring justice Anthony M Kennedy, thereby tilting the court to the right.

"We have rules in the Senate, we have norms for decorum", Cornyn said.

Miranda, now a private attorney, has said he worked "closely" with Kavanaugh, who was associate White House counsel at the time, to prepare judicial nominees for their hearings.

During the hearings on his nomination to the D.C. Circuit a few months after the Miranda news broke, Kavanaugh actively hid his own involvement, lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee by stating unequivocally that he not only knew nothing of the episode, but also never even received any stolen material. He again declined to say whether the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, Roe v. Wade, was correctly decided, although he indicated - as he did on Wednesday - that it was a decision that merited respect as "an important precedent of the Supreme Court".

Kavanaugh refused to answer questions about Trump or commit to stepping aside from any case about the Russian Federation investigation that might come to the Supreme Court. "Judge Kavanaugh looks forward to addressing the Judiciary Committee in public hearings for the American people to view".

But Leahy said Kavanaugh was "not truthful".

"When he (Nicholas) fell over, I fell over with him", she said.

Kavanaugh and members of the Judiciary Committee then headed into a private executive session.

"On the Supreme Court, unfortunately, there hasn't been much bipartisanship", Schumer said.

Booker released confidential White House emails pertaining to Kavanaugh.

"I am right now, before your process is finished, I am going to release the email about racial profiling, and I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate", the New Jersey Democrat said, later adding that he was "knowingly violating the rules". He said the group would have been required to fill out a form that would "make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs" that they opposed. But when asked what he thought of Donald Trump's performance as president, he began with praise for Kavanaugh.