A 16-year-old hacked Apple and stole 90GB of secure files


Following reports of the hacking incident, Apple issued a statement saying that no customer data was compromised from the repeated attacks on its network.

The teen's defense lawyer said the kid was a huge fan of the company and wanted to work for Apple, according to The Age.

An Australian teenager managed to hack Apple, steal 90 gigabytes of secure files, and access customer accounts, a court has heard, according to The Age.

The boy, who can not be identified because of his age, appeared at the Children's Court to plead guilty to the hacking.

For a teenager to hack into Apple's corporate network is no small deal since Apple is known to take security very seriously.

Apple has not yet responded to a Gizmodo request for comment. According to The Age, Apple reported the teen to the FBI after detecting external access, and United States authorities then alerted Australian Federal Police, which obtained a warrant to raid the teen's family home a year ago. We don't have much detail on what information was compromised, though Mac Rumors mentioned that customer account details were involved.

The teen's defence lawyer said his client had become so well known in the worldwide hacking community that even mentioning the case in detail could expose him to risk.

Apple said in a statement Friday that its teams "discovered the unauthorised access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement". The IP addresses of a seized mobile phone and a disk device also matched up with what Apple had recorded.

Officials believe the boy started hacking at age 16.

The hacker in question has pleaded guilty in the court, and the magistrate has chose to announce the sentence by next week because of the complexities involved in the case.