Samsung to launch Galaxy Home smart speaker in challenge to Apple's HomePod


Samsung's Galaxy Note phones have long held a reputation as the power user's Android device, and the company is adding to that legacy today with the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung also breathed some life into its smartwatch, with Galaxy Watch, featuring new silicon for the first time in two years, and a slightly larger display (42mm and 46mm) than before. The headline upgrades are better cameras, more storage, bigger screen and battery and an S-Pen that now has Bluetooth. The company's next-generation flagship handset gives demanding users access to its DeX desktop interface on external monitors over a single cable, and it teaches the S Pen new tricks like remote shutter control for the phone's cameras, presentation control, video playback control, and more using Bluetooth Low Energy.

So there is hope for playing the world's biggest game on any Android phone right now, but you'll have to go elsewhere to learn that information.

Samsung Galaxy users with an S7 or a later device will be able to play the game too, although their devices may not be as optimised for gaming as the Note 9. Those who switch to Xfinity Mobile and buy a new Note 9 can get $300 in a prepaid debit card.

Galaxy Note 9. Now with a reasonable battery. On top of that, the phone also comes with at least 128GB of internal storage with 6GB of RAM.

SAMSUNG HAS SURPRISED no one with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9, which is exactly what you were expecting it to be. If that's that not quite enough for you, there's even a variant with a whopping 512GB storage and 8GB of RAM.

Samsung has insisted the phone is created to meet all the needs of its users with DJ Koh, the President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications Division for Samsung Electronics, saying it gives fans everything they want.

The Galaxy Note 9 itself has some notable upgrades of its own. The fingerprint sensor is now below the camera, whereas the Note 8 had the sensor next to the cameras.

Samsung does not break out shipments of its smartphone models, but analysts reckon it has shipped around 10 million Note 8 models so far.

Despite being a productivity-focused smartphone, Samsung appears to be gearing the Note9 as an ultimate gaming device. In our short usage, the "scene" icon is barely noticeable, and the recognition doesn't feel as quick as Huawei's P20.

At the firm's Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York today, Samsung teased a look at its Galaxy Home speaker, equipped with the Bixby voice assistant.

As expected, numerous Galaxy Note 9's hardware are taken from the Galaxy S9+.